Guemes Ferry Return Delayed Until April 7
"Unanticipated repairs will delay the Guemes Ferry from returning to service until Friday, April 7, 2017. ...During maintenance, crews found that the engine foundations of the M/V Guemes were in worse condition than originally expected; as a result, crews discovered cracks to the z-drive mounting brackets located below deck. Additional steel work is necessary to repair the engine foundations and z-drive mounting brackets....The passenger-only vessel Strait Arrow will remain in service, as will Skagit Transit on Guemes Island, until work on the M/V Guemes is complete..." - Ferry Manager  [Read more]

When Would You Schedule The Ferry Haul-Out?
Realizing one day that the passengers had never been asked what time of the year they prefer for the haul-out, we put together a brief survey to find out when you would like to schedule the haul-out and what you think about traveling on the passenger vessel Strait Arrow.  Take The Survey    View Current Results

Remembering Tom Lindsey
Tom’s love of nature, a simpler life, and ability to focus on his music and art made Guemes Island a very special place for him.  [Read more]

Guemes Ferry Haul-Out Through March 28
Passenger-only service
on the Strait Arrow runs on the non-peak sailing schedule. The Strait Arrow can accommodate 49 passengers and bicycles. Small motorbikes or electric scooters are allowed at the discretion of the captain. Extreme weather conditions, including high winds and low tides, may affect the service.

Skagit Transit will provide on-call shuttle service on Guemes Island for a small fee during the ferry haul-out... Skagit Transit Schedule

Ferry Haul-Out Anacortes Parking Plan

Ferry Haul-Out Frequently Asked Questions

Ferry Haul-Out And Punch Card Expiration
"Due to the month-long shut-down, the expiration dates on vehicle and driver punch cards will be extended for 30 days past the stamped expiration date. The 30-day exten­sion will apply only to vehicle and driver punch cards that are stamped with an expiration date of February 28, 2017, or later. No extensions will apply to the stamped expiration date of passenger punch cards."

Remembering William Westenhaver
Bill continued with his art, painting, printing, and carving throughout his life. His artistic journey was chronicled recently in the beautiful art history book, "Tiki Modern and the Wild World of Witco."...Bill loved Skagit County, and in particular, Guemes Island. He would own a place on Guemes the rest of his life. The cabin on Guemes is a bonding point for four generations of Westenhavers. [Read more]   [The Tiki Titan]

Skagit County Notices of Development Application   3.7.17

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 3.10.17

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