Scheduling The Ferry Haul-Out
When you would like to schedule the haul-out. What you think about traveling on the passenger vessel Strait Arrow.  View Survey Results

Ferry Manager's Response To The Survey
Thank you for sharing the results of the survey – I appreciate the feedback, and I know that Arrow Launch has seen this as well.  We will go through this comment by comment to see what can be improved upon... Expenditure for passenger-only service, March 1-31 = $93,000. Fare Box Revenue, March 1-31 = $23,523. [Read more]

Poetry In Nature
Skagit Land Trust is pleased to share a bit of poetry with Guemes Mountain visitors during the months of April and May. The temporary placement of a few poems along a short portion of this trail is in honor of National Poetry Month. Thank you to the local volunteers who raised funds to create these signs and reached out to the Trust in order to share nature themed poetry with the public. Thank you for visiting the Guemes Mountain Conservation Area. We hope you enjoy these poems while you hike! -Skagit Land Trust

Earth Day 1990  So, Earth Day weekend came to a close. It had been a beautiful expression of community and caring, made possible by the efforts and contributions of many fine people. It did feel like a new beginning not only for Guemes, but for our responsible participation in the world. [Read more]

Skagit County Development Notices   4.18.17

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 4.14.17

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