The Mini Challenge

The Mini Challenge

On May 17th a troop of 24 Mini Coopers braved the roads and byways to meet in Anacortes to sail on the Ferry Guemes, to Guemes Island!

We met at Causland Park, then caravanned to the Guemes Ferry Landing.

We managed to load 24 Mini's on the boat, but could have easily loaded another 8 Minis (which would have been a world's record!!).

Upon arrival to the island, we drove one loop around Guemes and then met back at Win's Store for a late lunch and relaxation. Hope you enjoy the pictures, it was a great time!!

Tim Wittman

So Riddle Me This!

The Mini Cooper measures 142" in length and weighs just 2524 lbs. while the Ford Excursion measures 226" and weighs 7,648 lbs.

So how many Excursions do you think would fit on the Guemes Ferry?

Hint: The New York Times wrote, "At almost 19 feet long and 80 inches wide, [the Excursion] cannot gain entry to many garages and car washes. It hangs out of an ordinary parking space like a fat man in a Speedo."

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