This was originally posted to: Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

GIPAC: 2019 Annual Meeting Announcement

The Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee (GIPAC) will hold its annual meeting on Sunday, November 17, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Guemes Island Community Center.


In addition to holding the election of two board members who are running for reelection, GIPAC will give its annual report, outlining its sponsorship of two code amendments that would advance the use of rainwater catchment systems and strengthen code requirements for permitting all drilled wells, and the progress of the shoreline restoration project at the Peach Preserve. GIPAC will also kick off a fundraising project to help finance a U.S. Geological Survey study that will map the aquifer recharges areas on Guemes Island and determine what the island's annual water budget is.


Guest speakers will discuss what a critical area is and how protecting them helps the island, and will report on a recent study of the impact of multiple beaver dams in the valley and outline options for mitigation of the resulting flooding of Edens Road.


All islanders are encouraged to attend.