Remembering Jacqueline Haddon-Bohn

Remembering Jacqueline Haddon-Bohn

May 26, 1933 - June 25, 2020

Jacqueline Haddon-Bohn, born May 26th, 1933, was a life long resident of Anacortes and Guemes Island, passing away peacefully surrounded by her family on June 25th, 2020. She will be deeply missed.

She had a zest for life and thoroughly enjoyed conversing with everyone. She lived a life of selflessness, compassion, and generosity. Her father's side of the family was a pioneer family to Anacortes, arriving shortly after Amos and Anna Curtis Bowman. The Haddon's homesteaded acreage near Whistle Lake which eventually became known as Haddon Hill. She had many fun tales of the fourteen Haddon children and their reputation for mischief. She was proud of the many Haddon boys that served with distinction in the Armed Services. She once took her brother Howard Haddon to school as her show-and-tell, and always said he looked so handsome in his crisp white navy uniform.

Her mother's side of the family is native to the San Juan Islands. Jacqueline was a respected and honored Samish Nation elder. She worked diligently with her Samish family for re-recognition and was a keeper of knowledge from the past. In her elder years she followed many Coast Salish Canoe Journeys which she found challenging and enriching. Her Samish name is Tenas' Swa'to7ollh, which means child of Raven. Known as Granny to her family, she mentored many generations. She could talk ceaselessly about the Viereck's homesteading Doe Bay, Oracs Island in the 1870's, and the Coffelts hopping on anything that could float. If it didn't stay afloat, she had a few tales of them somehow making it safely to shore. She often pondered aloud what pre-contact life was like for her Samish grandmothers.

She was a life long friend to One Bubble of Guemes Island. She was an aunt, a beloved cousin, and the youngest of her brothers and sisters. Her Mama called her Baby. She was treasured and adored, and passed that love on to her family. She worked as a nurse at Island Hospital in the 1970's - Granny was a very determined lady. She could always be found hunched over collecting agates on the shores of Fidalgo and Guemes Islands, as she had a keen eye for agates on the beach, and morels in the forest.

Granny leaves a legacy of albums full of family history - she gathered every adventure, every name, and every event from her large family. These albums are so numerous they could fill a room. She was sure to write on the back of each photo telling the story of each one. This was fun, but it was especially important to her that our family would have this knowledge for generations to come. She will forever be remembered by all who knew her. Anacortes and Guemes Island have lost one of it's remarkable old-timers. The Ravens say she was a true person. She has been canoed home to our great heaven to be with Jesus.

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