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GIPAC: Draft Minutes, Oct 5 Meeting

Draft Minutes, October 5, 2020 Meeting of

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee



Hal Rooks opened the meeting at 6:35pm on Zoom.  Present were board members Hal Rooks, Kathy Malley, Michael Brown, Steve Orsini, Nancy Fox, Patty Rose and Allen Bush.  Also present were Barb Ohms and Michael Gray.


Draft agenda was approved.


Draft minutes from September were approved.


Treasurer’s report - $4,833.81 in the checking account, $9,162.10 in the Roz Glasser bequest account.  $76.25 was disbursed to Allen Bush to pay GIPAC’s half of the Zoom expense which is shared with the Guemes Ferry Committee.


Nominations for the board – After tonight’s meeting, the nominations will be closed for the November annual meeting election.  There were no other nominations, so the official slate will be Hal Rooks, Patty Rose and Kathy Malley all standing for re-election.


New Business -


Annual meeting – Michael Brown will work with Olivia Snell to finalize her presentation on fire safety and protocols on the island.  The meeting will be on Zoom, and people interested will be able to sign up to log in by requesting an invitation.  Those invitations will be on the GICCA website and Linetime.  Also, Patty Rose offered to help with signs and publicity.  It was agreed that GIPAC will meet on November 2, 2020 as a regular meeting to finish any planning issues in regard to the annual meeting.


USGS study – Hal Rooks gave the board an update on his discussions concerning the aquifer recharge study.  There is a chance that it will be funded in 2021, but as of yet, no firm commitments from the legislature.


Issues to be addressed in 2021 – possibilities include: AirbnB’s impact on the island, variances and reasonable use exemptions (RUE’s), and the USGS aquifer study.


Hal adjourned the meeting at 7:50pm.

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