The 4th of July Parade!
The Parade begins at 11 am on North Beach. Those who will be parading should gather at the west end of North Beach around 10:30. Hot dogs will be for sale at noon at the Schoolhouse Park to benefit the Community Center. [The 2021 Parade]

Survey: Ferry Outage Notifications

That Ferry Outage Friday?
"On Friday, June 24, after the 11:15 am ferry, we conducted a routine USCG inspection. We fully anticipated doing the 1:00 pm sailing on schedule but ran in to an issue. We were unable to get notification out, but we will do our best to get timely notification out in the future. We are working to streamline our methods of getting information out quickly and easily." -Rachel Rowe, Ferry Manager

What In The World Is Going On With The Ferry?
Martin Taylor asks: "The 9:45 run got underway at about 10:10 (about then I called my doctor's office). Arriving in Anacortes on the scheduled 10:15 at 10:55, I beat feet to the doctor's office (blood pressure check?elevated)...After my appointment I got in line for the 1:00 ferry to return home, modest line. But no ticket sales until 1:10. Missed the boat (justifiably) because of big traffic. The 1:30 sailing left the Anacortes dock at 1:45..." [Read more]

Recreational Shellfish Harvest Closure
A shellfish sample from Samish Bay this week had dangerous levels of Paralytic Shellfish Poison (PSP) toxin. A sample of Samish Bay - West oysters collected on 6/27 had a PSP toxin result of 274 micrograms of toxin. The Washington State action level for harvest closures is any sample with PSP toxin in exceedance of 80 micrograms/100 g. As a result, northern Skagit County beaches, including Samish Bay, Sinclair Island, Cypress Island, and Guemes Island except the southern shoreline from Kellys Point east to Long Bay are closed to recreational harvesting of all species of shellfish."

Order To Protect Southern Resident Orcas
"The state Department of Fish and Wildlife issued an emergency order Thursday requiring commercial whale watching vessels to keep at least one-half nautical mile away from Southern Resident orca whales this summer. All boaters are strongly encouraged to follow these increased restrictions, and to treat any killer whales as endangered Southern Resident killer whales, especially when unsure if one of the vulnerable whales is nearby."

Guemes Island Public Open House July 28
"Skagit County will be hosting a Guemes Island Public Open House, Thursday, July 28 from 3 to 5 pm. This event is free and open to the public. A variety of topics will be presented on and discussed during the open house. The schedule of events is as follows:

3-3:15 pm - Welcome & Staff and Commissioners Introduction & Opening Remarks
3:15-3:30 pm - Outline repair work to Edens Road & discuss the impact of the beaver pond
3:30-3:45 pm - Discuss options for South Shore
3:45-4 pm - Updates from Ferry Captain Rowe
4-4:15 pm - Updates from Parks & Recreation Director
4:15-4:50 pm - Open Public Q&A
4:50-5 pm - Commissioner's Closing Remarks

Participants may attend either in-person or virtually. Commissioners' Hearing Room, 1800 Continental Place, Mount Vernon. If joining virtually through Zoom, please use the following link:"

County Crews Working On Island Next Month
"County crews will be hauling asphalt to the island this week and next as they work to chip seal all of the roads. This is done every 6 years per the chip seal program. On the days they are unable to haul asphalt, they will be hauling ecology blocks and other materials for Edens Road. Work on Edens road is anticipated through July 31. For the next month, we will see an increase in County equipment using the ferry throughout the day Monday through Thursday. Hauling these materials after-hours would be very costly to the tax-payers of Skagit County; therefore, it is being done during normal operating hours. We realize the impact of this work; therefore, the ferry will offer a double run (an extra sailing after the 11:15 am sailing) every day through July if we leave cars behind on the 11:15 am. run. The only exception would be unplanned maintenance that comes up and needs to be done in order to keep the ferry in service. And, of course, emergency runs will still need to occur as needed." Guemes roads being chip sealed: Channel View Drive, Eden's Road, Holiday Boulevard, Samish Street, Seaway Hollow Road, Section Avenue, Shaw Street, South Beach Lane, South Shore Drive, Upland Drive

Kirk Lunsford Retires After 34 Years
Rain or shine Kirk is directing cars from 9-5, handing out dog treats, waving, smiling and occasionally stopping to chat. He has been doing his job for 34 years and soon will get a well deserved retirement. [Read more]

Bob Martin Soon To Retire
A recent example of his extensive knowledge of the Guemes and his invaluable experience in the field of marine mechanics occurred about three months ago. After the 5:30pm-6:15pm break, the operator went to start both engines, but Number 2 would not even turn over. Bob was called (again) from his home in the Alger. When he arrived, he quickly diagnosed that the starter on that engine was inoperable. The starter had been replaced with a new Cummins OEM starter at the most recent haul out which occurred in May, 2021. Fortunately for everyone trying to get home that evening, Bob had kept the old starter as back-up knowing that spares are critical in marine operations. [Read more]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 6.15.22

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