$572,000 for Ferry Insurance For $5,600 In Claims
"In 2022, the ferry insurance expense increased from the planned $123,990...to $572,000. This was created from the county?s decision to charge the ferry with a portion of the WCRP [Washington County Risk Pool] premium based on claims - our claims totaled $5,600 from four fender benders. These were not paid for through either the WCRP (again, because the ferry and ferry systems are excluded) nor the Marine Policy (well below the deductible)." [Read more]

2024 Ferry Expenses and Revenue Reports
2024 Expenses | 2024 Revenue

Commissioners Comments On County Budget
No Covid funds for the ferry." [Read more]

Remembering Mark Antoncich
"Mark was an entrepreneurial spirit, full of ideas, and preferred to work for himself. He was generous and kind, always willing to help someone out. He loved boats, planes, sea shanties, cleaning up (picking up litter from roadsides and cleaning junk out of Sammamish slough in Bothell.) He was involved with a prison outreach program called Man to Man, organized programs like winter coats and blankets to downtown Seattle needy, and starting Helping Hands at Northshore Rotary, among other programs." [Read more]

Neighborhood Meeting On New Ferry
November 14, Skagit County presented their plans for the new ferry and modifications to the dock to the citizens of Anacortes. Meeting Slide Presentation

The Remarkable Life of Harry Smith
Bret Lunsford has published a book about Harry Smith who came of age in the 1950s. Harry Smith was an uber-nerd polymath deeply entwined in the audio history of the Lummi tribe, original American folk music, and a family friend of Bubble. A section of the book describes the early history of Guemes Island, including the potlatch structure on the west side and Indian Village.[Read more]

Contract Approved With Ferry Workers
The Skagit County Board of County Commissioners approved on Monday a four-year contract with Guemes Island Ferry Workers. [Read more]

Slogan Survey Results
How did your favorite do? [Read more]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 11.11.23

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