The Mini Challenge Returns!

Second Annual Mini Cooper Challenge

The Mini Challenge Returns!

Saturday, May 8th at 2 pm, we will meet at Causland Park in Anacortes.

At 2:30 we will caravan to the ferry line in hopes of boarding the 3:00. If there are cars ahead of us, we will wave folks on and wait for the next boat at 3:30 or 4:00 (to ensure the ferry is loaded with just Mini's).

We have Steve Cox's (ferry manager) endorsement and Pat Hoyland has volunteered to be the skipper again for this year's event. She did a fantastic job last year. Like last year, Winn has agreed to shinny up to the top of the ferry dock and get a picture.

Upon arrival to the island, we will make one lap around the island and then gather at the store for a late lunch/early dinner.

We managed to load 24 Mini's on the boat last year and this year we are shooting for 30! We now have 28 Mini Coopers signed up for the Challenge!

View last year's photos! : Contact Tim Wittman with any questions.

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