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GIPAC: Minutes for Feb 1, 2021 Meeting

February 1, 2021 Meeting of


Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee



Hal Rooks started the meeting via Zoom at 6:50pm.  Present were board members Hal Rooks, Michael Brown, Patty Rose, Allen Bush, Steve Orsini, Kathy Malley and Nancy Fox.  Also present were Michael Gray, Phyllis Bravinder and Barb Ohms.


Draft Agenda were approved.


Draft Minutes were approved.


Treasurers’ Report -  Checking account balance was $4,933.81.  Roz Glasser bequest fund balance was $9,162.10.


Public Comment - None


Updater/New Business -  Kathy Malley gave the board on overview of the Shoreline Management Program Skagit County is beginning to update.  She outlined what the timeline looks like and her phone call with Tim Trohimovich of Futurewise on their concerns and how they might align with GIPAC’s. 


The board agreed to pursue well drilling monitoring, rainwater catchment, shoreline setbacks, and variances language inclusion in the SMP. 


Hal Rooks gave the board an update on the USGS aquifer recharge study.  It appears there is a possibility it could be approved in the next funding cycle in the legislature.  The cost might rise a small amount.


Patty Rose gave the board an update on the water conservation brochure for islanders and short-term rental owners.  The board approved the printing of the brochure.


Hal Rooks adjourned the meeting at 8:50pm.



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