Ferry Tales: Believe It or Not

A rumor is circulating that Skagit County wants to charge for ferry parking. This rumor stems from this statement for the consultants they hired to justify redoing the fare revenue model and raise rates: "Review other revenue sources, including a pricing strategy for parking.” The consultants have not completed their tasks and the County has not decided on this or other issues.

Seems to us that there are so many serious problems with charging for ferry parking that it's unlikely to come about:

If I have paid for parking, will they guarantee me a spot? If there isn’t a spot, do I get my money back? If its pay per day as you park, do I have to go into town every day to pay the fee? And, if they have one of those 'put-the-money-in-the-slot' boxes, how often do you think it'll get robbed in that crime infested lot? Seems like the cost to monitor and enforce the system, especially short term parking, will be more than the fees raised. How many folks who park there now will be willing to pay when they can park on the street for free? Hardly seems like a workable revenue source for the County.

Perhaps the County should consider other sources of revenue:

  • Double charge anyone making a second trip a day, triple for thirds, etc.
  • Double rate for an ugly car. Double for any funny looking people. Double for those traveling by themselves since no one seems to like them.
  • Charge for the dog treats.
  • Same charge for walk-ons as for C&D since who in America doesn't like cars.
  • Charge for trailers as separate vehicles.
  • Extra fees for construction vehicles, including work crews because (obviously) Planning and Development didn't charge them enough.
  • Charge parking fee to those who get in line real early.
  • Extra charge on Tuesdays for anyone whose last name starts with M.
  • Charge for electric bikes since they weigh more.
  • Establish an 'average' weight per passenger and charge anyone weighing more.
  • Rather than charge per ride, charge per minute and take the long way round.
  • Extra fee for not saluting the captain. 
  • Extra charge if whales or porpoises spotted during crossing.
  • Charge for wheelbarrows, both directions.
  • Only 1 bumper sticker allowed, charge for all additional.
  • Car wash charge if a wave comes over deck.
  • Extra charge for anyone who says they're going to "Gueeems" Island.


You may well have other suggestions. Please send them in and we'll add them to this list.





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