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Guemes Island Ferry Committee Monthly Meeting, 10 Aug 2023 

Meeting called to order at 7 pm at the Guemes Library 

All committee members except for Becca Fong were in attendance. Sandy McKean was an in-person guest; no virtual guests were in attendance. 

Minutes for July 2023 meeting approved by committee members in attendance. 

Committee members were invited to comment on the Commissioners meeting when Resolution R20230152, (rescinding R20180123, and R20100050, as amended by R20110382). Brief discussion about opportunity to comment. Guest Sandy McKean surfaced his belief that a 10-day prior public posting of the resolution was not needed in this case. 

New topics: 

  1. Guemes-side Parking Lot, “Front Door to Guemes.”  It was noted that survey markers were recently seen in/around the parking lot and that the county had said it is planning construction.  Allen recapped a 2005 proposal for a one hundred parking space design with straight line boat launch. County (Grace Kane and Rachel Rowe said nothing is planned yet) and deny they have taken any action on this item. They do show that the county has ~$750,000 in an account from the Transportation  Improvement Plan. Another proposal was offered by the County in 2017 for ninety spaces, all paved and striped with a stop and shelter. Want some awareness on part of the Guemes community to understand the situation. The conversation suggested angle parking. AGREED that the Guemes community needs to be advised of this issue. Further, the committee wants to raise the topic with the County for clarification. Add this to proposed discussion topics with Rachel Rowe. 

  1. E-Ticketing RFP for PW Ferry Ticketing System, July 20, 2023. The committee wants to know the driving force behind this proposal. Part of the proposal would be to eliminate punch cards in 2 years. Want to start taking cash again. Resumption of Brinks monthly cost of $3,500. Additionally, the cost of credit card processing is 7%. Want installation of a ticket booth. The Committee does not see the rationale for this proposal. Add this to proposed discussion topics with Rachel Rowe. 

  1. Ferry Deficit Reimbursement Report. Observed that this has not been seen. What was provided was a one page “synopsis.”   Add this to proposed discussion topics with Rachel Rowe. 

  1. Budget Analysis Timeline. Trisha Logue, Director, Budget, and Finance was noted as saying GIFC certainly can be involved in the “budget process.”  Add this to proposed discussion topics with Rachel Rowe. 

  1. Quarterly Public Meetings. The committee agreed we have monthly meetings that are open and available to all and that those cover the requirement for quarterly meetings, and some. 

  1. Discussion on having a meeting with “the County.”  The committee agreed that John would contact Rachel Rowe and propose a meeting on topics 1-4. 

  1. Needs Based Category. Gabe was unclear about why it is necessary for a customer to drive over to Mt Vernon to get a 5-punch ticket (and use one punch in the process). 

Andy Leech, Note Taker

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