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10.12.23 GIFC October meeting

Attendees: w/ Allen, Becca & Andy (via Zoom)

Guests: Sandy McKean & Lisa Charnock

Notetaker: Becca

Meeting kicked off ~7:15pm

…a few technical details…to get Andy logged onto the meeting via Zoom


1. Public Comment – None, just here to listen

2. Approval for minutes – Gabe moved to approve, Allen seconded – approved

3. Treasurers report – Minus $58 from last election mailout. Wheelbarrows have all been paid for!

4. Old business –

a. (Allen) Request for the design of the parking lot from Public Works, no word yet. There are stakes in the lot.

i. There is $750K to do “something” on Guemes.

ii. History – 2007 there a was community generated design from AIA (American Institute of Architects), but that never went anywhere

iii. Details – Shoreline permit would take ~9 months for the process

b. Bid for the ferry is currently out, due in December

i. Invitation for Bids (IFB) details. Bid proposals are due December 4, 2023, by 1:00 p.m. PST. – Sealed bids

c. (Allen) Request more info about ticketing machines & system – no word yet

d. Insurance issue ($450K increase to insurance premium for the ferry in 2022)

i. Q (Andy) is there the possibility of getting this overcharge back?

1. This overage was included in the Ferry deficit reimbursement 2022

submission. Essentially the $ has been spent already, but we shouldn’t

have this factored into the justification for the new ferry rate path

e. Labor contract – no word on a labor contract…

i. Early hours med call, which the crew came out for…

5. Meeting schedule

a. Quarterly meeting:

i. Could we call one of our monthly meetings (which are open to the public) we could elect to have one of those as our Q4 meeting

1. Would just need the GIFC to vote to have one

2. Content? Not much of public interest that we could talk about in Q4 (ticketing machines, parking lot, bids)

ii. Q1 – Open House – present various aspects of the ferry (history, how it works, stories, etc.)

1. Maybe a survey that goes out before that to see what people are interested in, and use that to structure the open house

2. Could appeal to more than the usual suspects that attend the meeting

3. Potential for election – John Hopkin’s position is open…need to determine if he’s interested in running

6. Reaching out to Lummi & Pierce Island ferry folks

a. ~ 5 yrs. Ago there were some connections to Lummi. GIFC went out to visit with them. Look through previous notes for more information.

i. Anderson Island was developed as a single development. There is an HOA. (similar to Decatur Island)


Action Items:

- (GIFC) Q4 meeting determine if we want use one of our monthly meetings to do that

- (GIFC) Determine if we want to do an Open House for Q1 meeting

o Determine if we want to do a survey to figure out what topics are of interest

- (Becca) Reach out to Lummi & Anderson island ferry committees/communities

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 – Becca moved to end the meeting, Allen moved

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